Thursday, January 6, 2011

my 2010

since i wasn't around here during 2010, i wanted to do a recap of my year. for my memory and your entertainment. 


i can't remember much about january but the snow. we had an awesome snow emergency which got my husband, friends and myself off work for a fun day of food, games and fun. another thing that happened a lot in january, snowboarding.


february was also filled with fun in the snow and an exciting 80s birthday party for my sister-in-law. we put our house on the market this month and were busy with showings and shoveling snow.


march we had another 80s birthday party (husband wore the same outfit. lame!) for our friend this time. this month was spent shopping for a new home because ours was sold!


on april 20th we sold our first home. we had lived here for five years, we were married here and had most of our first experiences here at east south street. i cried the first time i drove past this place after it was sold. it was a sad month, our house was sold and two contracts to potential new homes were denied. 


since we had no home anymore we moved into an empty trailer on my grandparent's property. it looks awesome but was small and smelled of old people. in may my sister, mom and i went to the lily show at longwood gardens and stayed over night in philly, because philly's better when you spend the night. 


 june is my husband's birthday! in june i traveled to reno, nv for work and then adventured up to bend, or  to see my bff. love her and the town, it was a fantastic trip.


the day i got back from oregon husband and i closed on our new house! on july 4th we took a boat of husband's construction and design and raced in the annual anything floats contest. we did get a trophy for what race i don't know. also family beach trip! don't we look tan? summer was in full swing and so were the home renovations.


we moved into our house and the decorating started. the sister-in-laws took a trip to nyc to shop, wine and dine. our friends came up and were our first house guests, we partied and floated the creek. parties at jr's camp site happened a lot over the summer.


we celebrated the upcoming nuptials of our friends. (first party at our new house!) of course the male party didn't take any pictures. the rest of the month i was busy with wedding preparations, continued unpacking and decorating. 


the big day happened the first weekend of the month. our other weekends were spent seeing ovo in dc and falling waters. oh yeah, and dressing up as old people for halloween.


november was uneventful. thanksgiving and new glasses.


december like mostly everyone elses is filled with parties and decorations, time with family and friends. ours also was consumed with our war with our fireplace. husband got new glasses and that wonder ax.

a few large events that i remember about 2010 that had visuals.

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