Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This lame house

Sometimes I feel that home ownership is overrated. We purchased our home in July 2010 and the to-do list is outta control. Here is some of my current list and this does not include large things like new floors or kitchen!

1. Put up a fence. This is the biggest thing to accomplish to contain our miniature monsters.
2. New front door. Our current front door is a ugly steel door that was spray painted red. Yes, spray painted. The style and color do not fit the 1930 cape cod we own so it has to go.
3. Paint the bedroom. Only two and a half (my living room mural is a WIP) rooms have been completely painted since moving in and the bedroom is up next. I asked for its completion for my birthday. Who knows when that birthday wish will come true.
4. Paint the office.
5. Plant grass. In front of our house th previous owners had a mulch garden goin on. Well that is horrible so we gots to get grass going.
6. Plant plants! Also need some purrty flowers out front to use up some of the mulch mountain area.
7. Veggie garden. I have my raised garden box from our last residence but I had to abandon the soil. So I have to round up some soil and fertilizer by last frost.
8. Clean out the FROG. That stands for finished room over garage. When we moved in everything went into the garage. Now I realized how much junk we have that I don't want in my house.
9. Yard sale or flea market. To sell the junk in the garage.

Ugh. The Stets' are going to be very busy for quite sometime. Too bad we can't get more accomplished due to our school schedules....

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