Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picnicking like crazy

This holiday weekend was a crazy weekend of picnics and we even skipped some of them. Saturday Jonathan spent the day working on his brother's house (renovation pictures will happen for that job soon) so we had to miss one of our events. Then at night we went to Cami and Jon's house for a night of margaritas, extremely large burgers and gansta rap!

Sunday we attended a picnic party for Jonathan's niece's 5th birthday. The afternoon was spent in the sun and the kids (plus my husband and brother in-law) played in the sprinkler and slip-n-slide. I have to say I'm not a fan of how the men in my life take pictures. The picture of me and my sister in-law, Jen is Jonathan's famous angle shots. Lovely. After that bithday party we caught the ending of another, one of Jonathan's BFFs son's 3rd birthday picnic party. The action had died down by the time we got there and so had my camera.

Monday, May 30, 2011

My new best friend

Lets just say that I hate my eyelashes. I have tried eyelash curlers and crazy mascaras that are way more expensive then the Max Factor shit my friends and I used when we were pre-teens. I would layer on the eyeliner to hide my lack of long thick lashes, but I had to face the truth. I was blessed with skangly eyelashes that never curl the way they are supposed to and look all crappy even WITH that black liquid gold we call DiorShow mascara. One day roaming the local Ulta over lunch I stumbled upon something I never thought of, false eyelashes! I bought the Urban Decay Lash - Plush and I thought I would try them out for the bachlorette party last weekend. Let's just say I am now in love. I probably will not be sporting these bad boys everyday, but anything that can be considered a "special occasion" Becky will be getting her lashes on! So get ready world. You can actually see my eyelashes in the picture above. And I love it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pearl is a strange girl

Pearl tried to kill a jack russell yesterday named Betty. Pearl has never been that aggressive with a dog before so we were quite confused by the situation. My guess is Pearl doesn't chill with many dogs her own size, so she finally found one smaller than her (other than her brother Griffy) and wanted to show her what was up. Or maybe Betty gave Pearl the stink eye and Pearl wanted to eff her shit up. The world will never know...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My summer etsy wants

Just some things that I feel I should have for the summer.....

Beige Double Hammock hand-woven Natural Cotton with Bell Fringe Crochet
I have the perfect place for this hammock. I can already imagine lounging on this baby with a big glass of sangria. Not that I have a lot of time to dedicate to lounging but a girl can dream. This time next year I will be graduating so I am envisioning the summer of 2012 to be very full if lounging!

6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)
This one is less for me more for husband (my cycling skills are sketchy at best), but really how clever this this 6 pack holder! But it probably will not work for a bunch of PBR pounders.

Coral Red Polka Dot Chiffon Flower Pin
I would sport this super cute polka dot flower pin all summa' long. I think it goes with everything I got on.

Vintage Lemonade Bottles. German Limonade Set of 3.
I don't know what I would do with them, but these Limonade bottles are super cute!

Love. I am a fan of full skirts and want this vintage skirt in my closet.

About Becky

1. I can pretty much sing any song I've ever heard. My friends think it's awesome. My husband finds it obnoxious.

2. I feel naked without my glasses.

3. The first time I met my husband I thought he was a retard. He thought I looked like a boy.

4. Growing up my family had five collies at one time. You can't even imagine that amount of fur in one place.

5. In college I drove a low rider truck with shaved door handles (no door handles and the doors popped open with a remote). The doors would freeze in the winter, I would have to crawl in through the rear window.

6. Three years ago I broke my collar bone in a vespa accident.

7. When my aunt babysat me she would make me wear a t-shirt to go swimming. Ever since then I have been very concerned about skin cancer.

8. I would cry when I would have to leave my grandma's house when I was little. Now my dogs cry when they have to leave. What is it with that woman?

9. I was kicked out of Disney World on a school trip when I was 16. So no. It is not the happiest place on earth.

10. I bought and returned five pairs of shoes before I settled on a pair to wear for my wedding.

11. I have had my hair dyed every color imaginable. Some on purpose. Some on accident.

12. My first pet when I lived on my own was a bunny named Neiman. She was an asshole.

13. I broke my wrist attempting to roller skate down the street while the rest of my family packed for their European vacation. I went without a cast for almost a week because my guardians were out of town.

14. The only tattoos I have I got when I was 17. No one checked ids. Kinda scary.

15. When I was a senior in High school my bff and I went to tour colleges in NYC for a weekend. We really spent that time galavanting around the city unsupervised with like $15 to our names. Our mothers must have really trust us.

16. I worked at the public library throughout high school. No fines for employees was the best perk.

17. I went to college to be a goldsmith but I dropped out.

18. I don't like cats and I'm happy I'm allergic to them. Husband loves cats. I want a house full of dogs.

19. I cry at least once every school term. Everyone needs to throw themselves a pity party sometimes.

20. I would never live in a ranch house. I'm scared to sleep on the ground level of a house.

21. I almost broke my nose the day before Easter the year we were getting extended family photos taken. I had to wear a huge bandage in those pictures.

22. I only ate canned vegetables until my mom found a cockroach in a can of peas. I'm pretty sure I stopped eating all vegetables after that.

23. My dad owns a car wash. As kids our weekends were spent looking for quarters around the property. It was painfully boring.

24. My husband and I make up songs about our daily lives. I wonder if anyone else would find them funny.

25. I had my ears stretched to a zero gauge. I now have saggy ear holes.

26. I once cut my hair with my friends brother's clippers. Buzz cut. It was a great look.

27. My husband was assaulted one night walking home from the bar. I was too intoxicated to take a picture of the guy. We saw him the next day, he works at Lowes.

28. I think my dream job would be to host a radio show and be a DJ.

29. I would wear a skirt or dress over pants any day. Pants are overrated.

30. I believe being a singer in a band would be the coolest ever but my voice is probably not as awesome when I'm not in my car in traffic.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bachlorette extravaganza

After my late night on Friday I had to wake up early to get my butt back to Philadelphia. I was carpooling so luckily I didn't have to drive! Once we got to the city the group got some pamperig done. My first manicure and pedicure of the season And it was needed!

Here is Heather the Maid of Honor:

And of course fabulous me:

After a few other stops for things like philly soft pretzels (and maybe I ate like five this weekend. Don't tell) and beer. We beautified ourselves and got ready to PARTY! The party started at the Bride Amanda's house. Heather concocted some serious jello shots and vodka gummi bears, I skiped both. Homie can't party like that!

Here we are with our "hottie horns":

Heather and I outside waiting for the shuttle. I didn't say I skipped all cocktails...

Here is the group shot on the corner of Broad and Walnut. We were atempting to get City Hall in the background and we failed.

And this was our first stop. Some bar on the 19th floor of the Hyatt.

After that we went to a piano bar called Jolly's were there were five other bachlorette parties happening AND one bachelor party. So I think this place had found its niche. I am going to leave the rest of the night to your imagination but it did include a late night diner stop and half a cake being devoured by some ladies. It was a fun night and also there was a long drive home on Sunday.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jokes Chelsea Handler told me

Like I posted earlier this girl had a busy weekend in store and I had been looking forward to this weekend for almost a decade. Well, not really that long but you know what I mean. After work on Friday Cami and I hit the road for Philly to see Chelsea Handler live at the Tower Theatre! The wonderful Schuylkill Expressway killed our allotted extra travel time and after the two of us downed half a watermelon and cantaloupe on the drive, all we really wanted was a bathroom. We roll into the first open restaurant, a pizza place, and ordered food before we realized we have no time to eat there. So we got a slice of pizza and a salad. To go. Bad idea. These are not foods you can easily eat while driving, or eat while riding in a car. Cami learned this lesson the hard way! There was traffic so there was a lot of sitting at red lights, but take my advice. Don't get pizza and salads to go.

Here I am being fork fed salad from Cami:

And here is Cami as she realizes she just had a container if salad dressing spill all over her (I know this doesn't make it better but we were at a red light. I'm not normally such a distracted driver. I promise):

We finally made it and found a parking spot. Then walked in the rain er downpour to the theatre. I enjoyed a $7 Pabst pounder while Cami drank two miniature cocktails that cost more then the tolls on the Pennsylvania turnpike while watching this:

The openers where Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald and Josh Wolfe. If you have no clue who these people are watch an episode of Chelsea Lately or After Chelsea and get with the program. After a pee your pants funny time, it was time to return home and prep for my next trip to the city... on Saturday!

OPERATION: Fence part 5

Maybe you are all wondering why I've been spreading out these fence installation posts. The reason is this fence installation has taken FOREVER. Anyone in the central Pennsylvania area knows that the weather around here has been rain city. It would be a lucky day if Jonathan could get out in the yard and get a hole dug before the rain would hit. I think there was one or two nice weekends within the past two months, that is it. So husband has not had the most fun doing this job but oh well, the pups are happy.

This wire is a tricky thing to work with. At the first post the wire will needed wrapped around to the back to be attached. The wire is pretty thick and you also want the wire to be tight against the posts, so it will need to be bent with pliers.

Those u shaped nails in the top photo are what you need to attach the wire to the posts. Our fence posts are locust and locust is an extremely hard lumber (if you don't know now you know). So Jonathan had to pre-drill holes where the nails need to go in. Then it took some hard man muscle to hammer the u nails in all the way. This wire needs to be tight to be stable, so the wire needs stretched from this first post before attaching the rest of the posts. The fence is currently completly up and we now just have to get our gates installed. The fence is only three feet and it is appearant the the average fence is four feet in height, so we aren't finding 39" gate frames. Jonathan's goal is to make them and then we can show you the COMPLETED project. yay!

Friday, May 20, 2011

OPERATION: Fence part 4

Once all the posts were cemented in the ground my husband got out one of his favorite tools, the chainsaw. Men and their love of power tools. Our fence wire is three feet tall, so Jonathan measured three feet from the ground as his starting point. He then angled his cuts at 45 degrees so the posts can have water run off.

Once the cuts were made he sanded the tops of the posts to eliminate any sharp edges. See the top photo is a splinter waiting to happen and the bottom is all nice and (semi) smooth. Finally our posts are all in and cut to the correct height, now we must tackle attaching the wire.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPERATION: Fence part 3

Once the hole is dug the cement is mixed to support the posts. Jonthan temporarally supported the posts so they would stay level, they can be seen best in the bottom picture. The cement is added slowly to ensure the entire hole is filled in. It's a pretty easy process. I can say that because I watched and it looked like a piece of cake. (I'm sure it isn't quite as easy as I think because I didn't mix up cement for twenty fence posts)

Until you hit a problem....

and that problem is called the electric that runs from out house to the garage! It is awesomely located in the exact spot we wanted a fence post about one foot under ground. Jonathan made the executive decision to continue with the post location since this post was not in a major location, like where a gate would be. Plus it is still a foot deep and cemented. It will be fine. Until monsterous Pearl decides to choose this pole to climb...

Waiting for the weekend...

So this weekend is sure to be insane. I'm just hoping I make it out alive.

Directly after work on Friday I'm heading to Philadelphia to see Chelsea Handler with this girl. It is sure to be a grand time but i not looking forward to the drive It's about a two hour drive one way from my stomping grounds to Philly. This isn't a big deal because I used to do this drive on the regular. It's a big deal this weekend because... I have to wake up the next day and ride right back.

Saturday is my friend Mo's bachlorette party. (from left to right me, Mo, Heather during Heather's bachlorette party last summer) So back to Philadelphia on Saturday for all day prepping and late night partying. This girl is just a little worried about her sleep. I like sleeping and I'm sure to be running low on my Zs come Monday. Now I just have to make sure my school work and packing is done by tomorrow.