Monday, May 9, 2011

8 weeks to a new me: week 2

Well this week has flown by! My first week's goals were to better my blog. I didn't get my one goal of sprucing this place up some accomplished but it will happen. Don't worry.
This week's goals are fitness related. Since the winter I really haven't been too active so I'm ready to bring. it. on. Here we go.

1. Work out at least 3 times this week.
2. Drink more water and cut out all others. Ahem, iced tea.
3. Try something new. Rock climbing?!? Who knows.

Update: I added a new background to the blog. You like??


  1. I vote spin class with Scam. Why not!?! Free pass, bring B!

  2. HOW did you create this background?!