Monday, May 16, 2011

8 weeks to a new me: week 3

I am continuing with the 8 weeks to a better me series courtesy of Danielle of Sometimes Sweet. Last week was about getting our fitness on, which I did. I did Zumba with my friend Heather and that business is ridiculous. Along with my regular scheduled Monday yoga night, I went on a rock climbing adventure and will probably never be the same. I just want to now why men do this rock climbing without their shirts on? Why am I complaining about men having their shirts off? I don't know.

Week 3 is about healthy eating. I am currently eating mega-healthy and have lost over 5lbs in the past two weeks from all this healthy eating madness so these 3 goals are must likely going to be pretty lame.

1. Water. Repeat from last week.
2. Limit my meat eating. I'm over it.
3. Work on my veggie garden. My baby seedlings need transplanted and the boxes need built, etc, etc. This will encourage future healthy eating.

 See week 1 & week 2.

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