Wednesday, May 25, 2011

About Becky

1. I can pretty much sing any song I've ever heard. My friends think it's awesome. My husband finds it obnoxious.

2. I feel naked without my glasses.

3. The first time I met my husband I thought he was a retard. He thought I looked like a boy.

4. Growing up my family had five collies at one time. You can't even imagine that amount of fur in one place.

5. In college I drove a low rider truck with shaved door handles (no door handles and the doors popped open with a remote). The doors would freeze in the winter, I would have to crawl in through the rear window.

6. Three years ago I broke my collar bone in a vespa accident.

7. When my aunt babysat me she would make me wear a t-shirt to go swimming. Ever since then I have been very concerned about skin cancer.

8. I would cry when I would have to leave my grandma's house when I was little. Now my dogs cry when they have to leave. What is it with that woman?

9. I was kicked out of Disney World on a school trip when I was 16. So no. It is not the happiest place on earth.

10. I bought and returned five pairs of shoes before I settled on a pair to wear for my wedding.

11. I have had my hair dyed every color imaginable. Some on purpose. Some on accident.

12. My first pet when I lived on my own was a bunny named Neiman. She was an asshole.

13. I broke my wrist attempting to roller skate down the street while the rest of my family packed for their European vacation. I went without a cast for almost a week because my guardians were out of town.

14. The only tattoos I have I got when I was 17. No one checked ids. Kinda scary.

15. When I was a senior in High school my bff and I went to tour colleges in NYC for a weekend. We really spent that time galavanting around the city unsupervised with like $15 to our names. Our mothers must have really trust us.

16. I worked at the public library throughout high school. No fines for employees was the best perk.

17. I went to college to be a goldsmith but I dropped out.

18. I don't like cats and I'm happy I'm allergic to them. Husband loves cats. I want a house full of dogs.

19. I cry at least once every school term. Everyone needs to throw themselves a pity party sometimes.

20. I would never live in a ranch house. I'm scared to sleep on the ground level of a house.

21. I almost broke my nose the day before Easter the year we were getting extended family photos taken. I had to wear a huge bandage in those pictures.

22. I only ate canned vegetables until my mom found a cockroach in a can of peas. I'm pretty sure I stopped eating all vegetables after that.

23. My dad owns a car wash. As kids our weekends were spent looking for quarters around the property. It was painfully boring.

24. My husband and I make up songs about our daily lives. I wonder if anyone else would find them funny.

25. I had my ears stretched to a zero gauge. I now have saggy ear holes.

26. I once cut my hair with my friends brother's clippers. Buzz cut. It was a great look.

27. My husband was assaulted one night walking home from the bar. I was too intoxicated to take a picture of the guy. We saw him the next day, he works at Lowes.

28. I think my dream job would be to host a radio show and be a DJ.

29. I would wear a skirt or dress over pants any day. Pants are overrated.

30. I believe being a singer in a band would be the coolest ever but my voice is probably not as awesome when I'm not in my car in traffic.

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