Wednesday, May 18, 2011

J is for Jonathan

Here is Mr. Jonathan Stets and here is some interesting things about him.

1. His friends called him Spaz up until a couple years ago.

2. He hates iPhones and loves his $15 to go phones he buys at discount stores.

3. He buys beer like a frat boy. Genie cream ale for $11 a case. Put it in his truck.

4. He has wrecked more vehicles then anyone I know. A hand full of S-10s, a Blazer and a Geo Metro.

5. People call him to fix things. He can fix just about anything.

6. He has big dreams and must include him quitting his job.

7. He hates big dogs. Until me he hated all dogs but I talked him into getting Griffin and that miniature monster melted his heart.

8. He flys RC helicopters and airplanes. They annoy me.

9. He rides a motorcycle but he doesn't wear leather.

10. He skateboards and snowboards and rode bmx bikes and dirt bikes. He is kinda hardcore.

11. He wears dorky glasses that he says "are panty droppers".

12. He lacks computer skills, but he is smarter than me in many other ways so it equals out.

13. He likes to garden and he used to kill my house plants to teach me a lesson not to neglect them.

14. He is an 80 year old man in the body of a 29 year old.

15. He could fall asleep anywhere. Ground, sitting up, hardwood floor, bathroom floor, no problem.

16. He never went to college before because he "couldn't read". That was a pretty lame excuse.

17. His favorite genres if music are death metal and smooth jazz. Because you know they go so well together.

18. He is the king of flea marketing haggling.

19. He has a sweet hat collection and hair that I'm jealous of.

20. One of his favorite past times is flicking people and my camera off.

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