Monday, May 23, 2011

Jokes Chelsea Handler told me

Like I posted earlier this girl had a busy weekend in store and I had been looking forward to this weekend for almost a decade. Well, not really that long but you know what I mean. After work on Friday Cami and I hit the road for Philly to see Chelsea Handler live at the Tower Theatre! The wonderful Schuylkill Expressway killed our allotted extra travel time and after the two of us downed half a watermelon and cantaloupe on the drive, all we really wanted was a bathroom. We roll into the first open restaurant, a pizza place, and ordered food before we realized we have no time to eat there. So we got a slice of pizza and a salad. To go. Bad idea. These are not foods you can easily eat while driving, or eat while riding in a car. Cami learned this lesson the hard way! There was traffic so there was a lot of sitting at red lights, but take my advice. Don't get pizza and salads to go.

Here I am being fork fed salad from Cami:

And here is Cami as she realizes she just had a container if salad dressing spill all over her (I know this doesn't make it better but we were at a red light. I'm not normally such a distracted driver. I promise):

We finally made it and found a parking spot. Then walked in the rain er downpour to the theatre. I enjoyed a $7 Pabst pounder while Cami drank two miniature cocktails that cost more then the tolls on the Pennsylvania turnpike while watching this:

The openers where Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald and Josh Wolfe. If you have no clue who these people are watch an episode of Chelsea Lately or After Chelsea and get with the program. After a pee your pants funny time, it was time to return home and prep for my next trip to the city... on Saturday!

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