Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Love

A year ago we old our first house. I loved this house and cried the first time I drove past it after closing. I am glad we moved, but I do miss living somewhere that doesn't have a mile long "To-Do" list. Let's revisit my dear old home.
(We were so busy moving that we forgot to take pictures WITH our furniture in place. I still have the furniture but I don't have the house so these work for me.)


In our bedroom we refinished the wide pine plank floors and painted those obnoxious colors. What was I thinking?!?!


We totally remodeled the whole bathroom. It is the only full bath in the house and was such a challenge to remodel a bathroom while you need to use it everyday! We recycled an old cast iron tub (free!) and lucked out when we found the glass tile at a Lowe's in a town we were passing through. Jonathan did all the tile work and laid the bamboo floors.


The stairs and hallway were sanded when we sanded the bedroom's floors, we just never stained or coated them. The extra bedroom is the only room we didn't touch because it was used to storage and guests so we never felt like doing anything to it. In the top picture here you can see the dark green wood work and creme walls and ceiling. The whole house when we moved in was what we called "TAN and TEAL". It was overwhelming! That dark green needed three or more coats of paint to cover. Ugh, who does that? They must have been running a sale on tan and teal paint back then.


I think the one selling point of this house was that huge built in cabinet. It showed off my fiesta beautifully. It was had much storage in the bottom, I really miss that storage! BUT does everyone notice the teal counters!?!?! They not only had teal trim everywhere they accented it with teal counters. We felt the expensive of new counters wasn't worth it for our 1000sq ft row home and they weren't in bad shape so it felt like a waste to replace them. I have to admit that I dreamt about it though.


Our laundry/ half bath was at the back of our house. I now understand how ridiculous the color choice was, but I had living in multiple white walled apartments and was yearning for color. This room was also Husband's first experiment with laying tile and I think he did a fantastic job. I loved the little corner sink in here.


I loved the huge window in our living room. It let so much light in and was such a cheerful space. The mantle was always there but we added the frame to the top of the mantle.


The dining room had my favorite color combination. I was going to repeat the color scheme in our new house but I knew I was better than that. I think the first project we had in this house was adding the chair rail in the dining room. It fit the era of the house and classed it up a bit.

There you have it, my first love. I still am getting used to the thought that I may never see the inside of this place again. So much had happened here, we got engaged, married and bought home out fur babies. I think i might cry...

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