Monday, May 30, 2011

My new best friend

Lets just say that I hate my eyelashes. I have tried eyelash curlers and crazy mascaras that are way more expensive then the Max Factor shit my friends and I used when we were pre-teens. I would layer on the eyeliner to hide my lack of long thick lashes, but I had to face the truth. I was blessed with skangly eyelashes that never curl the way they are supposed to and look all crappy even WITH that black liquid gold we call DiorShow mascara. One day roaming the local Ulta over lunch I stumbled upon something I never thought of, false eyelashes! I bought the Urban Decay Lash - Plush and I thought I would try them out for the bachlorette party last weekend. Let's just say I am now in love. I probably will not be sporting these bad boys everyday, but anything that can be considered a "special occasion" Becky will be getting her lashes on! So get ready world. You can actually see my eyelashes in the picture above. And I love it.

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