Monday, May 16, 2011

OPERATION: Fence part 1

Our property is just under a half acre. Only problem, no fence for our miniature pups.

Griffin and Pearl want a place to run!

So we wanted to get a fence up for the area between our house and detached garage so the pups no longer had to hangout on 20 foot leads. We had investigated numerous types of fence but chain link, cedar or vinyl fence weren't our style or way more than we wanted to spend. We wanted a 3 foot picket style fence to keep the dogs in but not block our view. We did some craiglist runs to take down old fences, like wrought iron or steel fences but nothing would have worked. Then on an hour trip home from one run Jonathan thought about a wire double loop fence. This type of fence was popular in the 1930- 50s. I had no idea where we were going to find the fencing but I was desperate and spent hours searching for a supplier. 

I found the fencing at American Fence and Supply and had it shipped from Texas. The hardest part to find had arrived and all we needed now were the posts. Jonathan spent the next two weeks tracking down locust posts for our fence at a local farm for $10 each. Now the installation.

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