Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPERATION: Fence part 3

Once the hole is dug the cement is mixed to support the posts. Jonthan temporarally supported the posts so they would stay level, they can be seen best in the bottom picture. The cement is added slowly to ensure the entire hole is filled in. It's a pretty easy process. I can say that because I watched and it looked like a piece of cake. (I'm sure it isn't quite as easy as I think because I didn't mix up cement for twenty fence posts)

Until you hit a problem....

and that problem is called the electric that runs from out house to the garage! It is awesomely located in the exact spot we wanted a fence post about one foot under ground. Jonathan made the executive decision to continue with the post location since this post was not in a major location, like where a gate would be. Plus it is still a foot deep and cemented. It will be fine. Until monsterous Pearl decides to choose this pole to climb...

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