Monday, May 23, 2011

OPERATION: Fence part 5

Maybe you are all wondering why I've been spreading out these fence installation posts. The reason is this fence installation has taken FOREVER. Anyone in the central Pennsylvania area knows that the weather around here has been rain city. It would be a lucky day if Jonathan could get out in the yard and get a hole dug before the rain would hit. I think there was one or two nice weekends within the past two months, that is it. So husband has not had the most fun doing this job but oh well, the pups are happy.

This wire is a tricky thing to work with. At the first post the wire will needed wrapped around to the back to be attached. The wire is pretty thick and you also want the wire to be tight against the posts, so it will need to be bent with pliers.

Those u shaped nails in the top photo are what you need to attach the wire to the posts. Our fence posts are locust and locust is an extremely hard lumber (if you don't know now you know). So Jonathan had to pre-drill holes where the nails need to go in. Then it took some hard man muscle to hammer the u nails in all the way. This wire needs to be tight to be stable, so the wire needs stretched from this first post before attaching the rest of the posts. The fence is currently completly up and we now just have to get our gates installed. The fence is only three feet and it is appearant the the average fence is four feet in height, so we aren't finding 39" gate frames. Jonathan's goal is to make them and then we can show you the COMPLETED project. yay!

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