Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plants are for lovers

Plants and I had never really had a good relationship. I would neglect them and if they weren't his plants husband would ignore them. I did have one house plant that I successfully keep alive for a significant amount of time. We got the plant as a wedding gift and maybe that's were my passion for this plant came from, but one day I felt the plant wanted more sunlight. So I put it outside on a sunny 90 degree day and it died soon after. I was over plants for awhile after that. When we moved into our new house it was the end of summer and also the end of gardening season. I found a couple sad looking succulents and a skangly dying plant in the outdoor section of my Lowes for pocket change. I thought I would give them a couple more months to live and they came home with me. I transplanted them into some of my old collected planters and they are still alive! I have been adding to the collection and I am quite pleased at all the thriving plants in my house. Soon I will have my veggie garden to keep alive. I can't wait for homegrown goodness.

1 comment:

  1. I love that you gave love to a skangly plant. That takes heart. I prefer to buy them young and fresh, then kill them. :)