Monday, May 9, 2011

W is for weekends

This weekend was very busy but quite refreshing. Husband and I went to a couple yard sales on Saturday and found this cute floral tablecloth and an industrial stool for in the garage. I picked up three new and fresh house plants. I think I'm becoming obsessed. The rest of Saturday was spent cooking, cleaning and prepping for our Mother's Day picnic we held for some of the mama's in our lives. The weather was beautiful this weekend and it felt so nice to have the windows open and scrub the house. I made strawberry frozen yogurt (I have a detailed post for this sometime this week!) and chocolate covered strawberries. On Sunday a bunch of family came over to celebrate and husband took the nieces on a lawn tractor ride. Once everyone left I finally cracked open my books while the pups pasted out from the excitement.

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