Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waiting for the weekend...

So this weekend is sure to be insane. I'm just hoping I make it out alive.

Directly after work on Friday I'm heading to Philadelphia to see Chelsea Handler with this girl. It is sure to be a grand time but i not looking forward to the drive It's about a two hour drive one way from my stomping grounds to Philly. This isn't a big deal because I used to do this drive on the regular. It's a big deal this weekend because... I have to wake up the next day and ride right back.

Saturday is my friend Mo's bachlorette party. (from left to right me, Mo, Heather during Heather's bachlorette party last summer) So back to Philadelphia on Saturday for all day prepping and late night partying. This girl is just a little worried about her sleep. I like sleeping and I'm sure to be running low on my Zs come Monday. Now I just have to make sure my school work and packing is done by tomorrow.

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