Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Etsy Wishes

It's raining and ugly here in Central Pennsylvania, a perfect day to go shopping... online! I was browsing through my latest etsy finds and thought I would share. Since it is so yucky outside I will focus my dream purchases on summer accessories!

1. This necklace from Woodroots fascinates me. A little wooden charm that is woven with the necklace cord. Truly creative!

2. This tote from Infusion would be perfect for the summer. I love the color combination, navy stripes, yellow bottom and brown leather straps. Want it.

3. If you can't tell already, I love textiles and fiber. I especially love when they are used in unusual ways, like jewelry. This pendent from SeptemberHouse is such a wonderful idea. It would look beautiful on your neck and hanging on your wall.

4. This necklace is from Maranon and the skill and craftsmanship of this piece blows my mind.

5. Can you tell I want a relaxed summer tote to carry around in the up coming months? This one from Forestbound caught my eye because of the use of recycled fabrics.

6. I love everything in this shop, Kjoo. The tiny stitch knitting around the leather bracelets make my hands itch to be creative. But they will have to settle down because they will be writing lots more papers before they will get to knit.

1 comment:

  1. #2 tote - LOVE. So adorable. I may need to get this one, lol.