Thursday, June 30, 2011

And another reason I love summer

Ice cream. Ice cream might be my favorite food of all time and no I'm not 12. What's not to love about it?

This week after dropping Jonathan's truck off to at the repair shop we walked back across our little town and made an ice cream stop. Massey's has been pumping out the good stuff since before I was around and it is awesome. We never ventured here much since we used to live three blocks away from a Rita's but now we live 2.5 seconds away from Massey's so I have a feeling they will be our regular stop for summer treats.

I love summer because

Floating trips. This is one of my top favorite summer activities.

After our flea market adventure on Sunday we gathered up a couple people, blew up inter tubes, filled a cooler full of beer and headed for the creek. We dropped one vehicle off at our friend's campsite and 5 of us jammed into Jonathan's truck to our drop off point. What is a 5 minute trip via car is a two hour down stream float. It wasn't as hot as I would have liked but it was nice to relax and float along. Thanks to our kayak dry-lock boxes we are now able to transport important items with us like car keys and cameras, holla! Plus Sunday was the first time I got to wear my new water shoes. No more flip flops disappearing and floating away.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I look damn good for waking up at 4:30 am. Thankyouverymuch.

Jonathan is modeling some of our merchandise.


Yes the Wayne's World hat was for sale but I ended up wearing it most of the day and I believe it even made it home with us.

In our efforts to transform up the upstairs of our garage into a workable space we had to unload some of the junk we had. After sorting through the madness last week we found a chunk of stuff we didn't want. Sunday morning we loaded it all up and set up a stand at our local flea market. Our goal was to be there by sun rise and we were close pulling in and setting up shop at 6am. Also joining us that fine morning was two large mugs of caffeine. I do not like waking up before the sun on a weekend, it was torture but the people watching made up for it. Oh, and I love see all the dogs people drag with them to the flea market! The ones people push in strollers kill me. How about the one pictured above being carried in a baby sling! Who does that?!?

We made a decent profit from the day's adventure and came home with a sweet sign for the bar area in the garage. I big heart the flea market and it is just as fun to sell things as it is to shop. I had a great selling technique, "Everything was a dollar". This did not please the husband so he would jump in to tell someone the price before I could open my mouth. I didn't want to take anything home with me and who could pass up something for a dollar? Some people did, but they were fouls!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Margaritas! oh yeah and book club

Friday night the book club hit up Harrisburg for some tacos and margaritas! Books, happy hour margarita pitchers and $1 tacos, what more could a girl ask for? Our book for the month(s) of May and June (May's meeting was postponed) was Bossypants by Tina Fey. I believe 7 out of the 8 members finished the book so it was the most successful book to date. All of our other books selections have sucked big time! Only five of the members could make it to our meeting (and only four are pictured) but it was a great time.

Some people (husbands!) have their panties in a bunch saying this "book club" is an excuse to go out and have a good time (without them). Let's face the facts.... that is exactly what it is. Yes we read books (some of us), yes we do talk about the book (for 10 minutes, maybe), yes we love our husbands/boyfriends/whatever you want to call them, but most of all yes it is a great excuse to meet up with the ladies for margaritas and tacos. Really, I don't need an excuse to ditch the husband and go and grab a drink with some chicks because I do what I want anyways, but this group of women is a fun combination and they normally wouldn't all come together on the regular. So let us have fun at our book club and get over it.

This month we will be reading and discussing The Hunger Games. Get ready.

Monday, June 27, 2011

RC Heli madness

Jonathan flying his smallest RC helicopter

My husband is kind of a dork. I say this because he has a passion for RC helicopters and airplanes (mostly helis). He spends hours building them, fixing them and researching the best deals on new parts for them. His friends call each other for hours to talk about the status of their helicopters (yes, they all have multiple helicopters). They record their flying skills and send each other their latest videos.

Here comes the part where I'm a bad wife and say these helicopters annoy the shit out of me. If they brake they cost lots of money to fix. I can barely keep track of the thing while it's in air so that corkscrew you just did, I didn't see it and I probably won't see it when you do it the second time. I don't know how long a battery takes to charge nor do I know what a turnigy is (I just got that term off his ebay listing!). Sorry husband, but I guess everyone needs a hobby.

My favorite girl turns 3

My niece Evelyn turns 3 today! Happy birthday to my favorite girl. Her favorite food is "pink" so we had pink cupcakes with pink icing with the added moustache flare. I'm not really sure where her love for moustaches comes from since no one I know HAS a moustache but whatever  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Have a barkin' weekend

There's no reason to be snappy it's the weekend and it's summer so get over it. Any exciting plans this weekend? For me it's book club tonight and we will be "discussing" Bossypants by Tina Fey along with our margaritas. After that will be a pre-birthday gathering for Jono's cousin. No plans tomorrow but to work on the FROG but I'm sure something else will come up. Then Sunday we plan to flea it and hopefully tube the creek if the weather works in our favor. Fingers are crossed.

OPERATION: FROG (finished room over garage) Part 1

We have a deep dark secret and it is lurking in our garage. It is junk. Even Pearl is pissed about it, just look at that face! We aren't even sure how we accumulated this mass of crap, we lived in a tiny 3rd floor walk up apartment then upgraded to a whooping 1000 square foot row home. Where did it all come from? I have no idea but it is here and now we know have to deal with it.

When we purchased our new home we understood it came along with some challenges. It is a cape cod which means we wouldn't have an attic. This would have been a deal breaker if it didn't come along with a garage that may be bigger than the house itself. The garage is a spacious 2 car garage with a second story AND an attic, so it solved our potential storage problems. So when we moved into the home 90% of everything we owned was moved directly into the garage and we selectively welcomed some items into the new home. Everything else has been shafted up into the second story of the garage. That was nine months ago and now during my summer break I am finally dealing with my big problem. 

I have big dreams for the space. It will be multi-functional, a studio for me and my supply storage, a party room, Jonathan wants a bar, I want a large projector screen for movies and working out. So we need it to be functional for when I finally have time to break out my sewing machine again, but I also don't want the space to get cluttered with furniture so I have room for my dance parties (by myself or with others. I don't need a reason to dance.)

Here is what I am currently dealing with:
We have two sets of dining room chairs and that is not counting the set still in boxes that need painted and assembled. Plus our old dining room table and old kitchen table.

Jonathan also uses this space as over flow from the downstairs garage. He doesn't want his "man land" garage getting junky so he moves everything upstairs. That is going to have to change....

This will be my corner in the whole mess. This huge cabinet is where I plan to store all of my miscellaneous crafting supplies. Along with some wall space for a desk/ sewing area.

Our next step is collecting our unwanted items and selling them at the local flea market so lets keep our fingers crossed from good weather this weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh hey Griffin

My soon to be three year old niece pointed out to me that Griffin does not get enough love. He gets lots of love, but the percentage of pictures I post of Pearl greatly out weigh the pictures posted of him (on facebook. She likes to stalk me, or rather she has her mom stalk me so she can see my pictures.) Maybe that is because Griffin hides under the covers or curls up in Jonathan's clothes basket in the closet therefore is not in sight when I have my camera or phone out snaping pictures of Pearl. So here is some EXTRA love for Griffin. No white dogs are allowed in this post.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



We celebrated the first day of summer with a cook out and some relaxing. For the first time in weeks we didn't have an agenda so this relaxing evening was a luxury.

In other news, Jonathan still has his mullet but he asked me to make the appointment to get it cut off. I'm glad he's over it because I was over it in the first five minutes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The blue ribbon cake (image heavy)

In all my domestic goddessness I haven't done much cake making. I know what I'm good at, things like cookies that take 15 minutes to bake. For some reason I really wanted to bake a cake for Jonathan's birthday party, I brainstormed with my cake making genius of a friend Heather and we came up with a PBR cake. It's round so how hard could it be? I don't think it was hard just a little time consuming and a little stressful (hey it was also finals week so I can say it was stressful!) But we nailed it and it was awesome! Oh and a HUGE thank you to Heather who did the "unfun" parts of the process like making sure the cake layers were fully cooked and/or not burnt, (luckily for everyone EATING the cake), making the cream cheese icing, designing the cake base and support and letting me borrow all her tools! She did what I would call the hard stuff while I did the fun design stuff. I think she liked her part better. Here are some of the highlights of my process.

For everyone not in the know this is what the cake is to look like, a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

First I wanted to make the can top out of fondant. Heather already had left over grey fondant from a cake she make for a friend so I didn't have to dye it. (My very first time working with fondant ever was helping her with that cake and dying fondant. Dying fondant is not fun.)
Here is the end result. I did pick up some silver cake spray paint, so the cake's top would be shiny!
Now on to the ribbon. I only had white fondant and I needed to dye it blue which is an annoying process to me and it might just be that I don't know a more efficient way. So first add a gel dye.

Then blend and blend and blend.
Until its the desired color.

After I had the perfect color I rolled, cut out and marked up the ribbon logo out of the blue fondant. 
The most painful part of the process was cutting all the letters out of fondant. I needed some Pabst after that.
My next step was a faulty one. I piped all the detail onto the logo (you can see that behind the cake). I did this the night before the party and the cake was assembled and the first layer of icing was applied. I added a second thick layer of icing and started to decorate. 
I said adding the piping the night before was a mistake because I couldn't press the logo into the icing without smearing the detail. The logo started to slide down the side of the cake and I was stressing. So I asked my cake baking friend Heather for advice and here is what I got.
Thanks! That was just what I wanted to hear two hours before the party and I of course had been talking my caking skills up to everyone. So I used toothpicks. I know this may not proper cake decorating etiquette but I didn't care. I hid all the toothpicks under the white fondant letters so they wouldn't be noticeable and it worked so I could keep on decorating and not call the party off.

I added "Happy Birthday Stetsonator" on the back and it was finished!

Husband loved it and it was a hit at the party! It was worth all the blood, sweat and calories!