Thursday, June 30, 2011

And another reason I love summer

Ice cream. Ice cream might be my favorite food of all time and no I'm not 12. What's not to love about it?

This week after dropping Jonathan's truck off to at the repair shop we walked back across our little town and made an ice cream stop. Massey's has been pumping out the good stuff since before I was around and it is awesome. We never ventured here much since we used to live three blocks away from a Rita's but now we live 2.5 seconds away from Massey's so I have a feeling they will be our regular stop for summer treats.


  1. the miracle that is frozen custard hasn't hit our canadian soils yet. but one day... one day i too will be able to blog about the good stuff! mmmmmm


  2. Wowww you're the first blogger I've seen from Carlisle! I live about ten minutes from Massey's. (Hopefully this isn't creepy...I saw you were a sponsor on srslyliz from Central PA so I had to see!)