Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I look damn good for waking up at 4:30 am. Thankyouverymuch.

Jonathan is modeling some of our merchandise.


Yes the Wayne's World hat was for sale but I ended up wearing it most of the day and I believe it even made it home with us.

In our efforts to transform up the upstairs of our garage into a workable space we had to unload some of the junk we had. After sorting through the madness last week we found a chunk of stuff we didn't want. Sunday morning we loaded it all up and set up a stand at our local flea market. Our goal was to be there by sun rise and we were close pulling in and setting up shop at 6am. Also joining us that fine morning was two large mugs of caffeine. I do not like waking up before the sun on a weekend, it was torture but the people watching made up for it. Oh, and I love see all the dogs people drag with them to the flea market! The ones people push in strollers kill me. How about the one pictured above being carried in a baby sling! Who does that?!?

We made a decent profit from the day's adventure and came home with a sweet sign for the bar area in the garage. I big heart the flea market and it is just as fun to sell things as it is to shop. I had a great selling technique, "Everything was a dollar". This did not please the husband so he would jump in to tell someone the price before I could open my mouth. I didn't want to take anything home with me and who could pass up something for a dollar? Some people did, but they were fouls!

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  1. excuse me but is that a 'canadian tire' bowling pin? because i feel like i need that in my life! =)