Thursday, June 2, 2011

A free Monday

I was extremely happy with having a three day weekend! Monday Jonathan and I went to ArtsFest which is held on the Harrisburg waterfront. It was an extremely hot day, I think it was in the high 90s and lets just say it was no fun walking on the hot pavement in the sun. I kept eating snow cones to try and keep cool.... it wasn't working. And look how pink I am! I'm guessing that happened during the picnics on Sunday, I didn't even notice it until I looked at these pictures. I went out and refilled my sunscreen supply because apparently it's not working anymore. Anyways, Monday was super hot and humid. I think there is even evidence of my husband about to pass out, yup in the first picture there. So we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the creek.

The Conodoquinet creek is the closest  body of water to our house and its extremely cold which is what I was all about. Luckily we know people who have waterfront property so we have places to park and gain access to the creek. We gathered up our gear which had been stashed in my grandparents barn and never retrevied from our move last year, grabbed some refreshments, and started our journey. The air tempature deffenately is cooler around the creek so that is a plus, but I wish we would have just float the creek in intertubes so we would have been supmerged in the icy water. It was so hot, once we got to our cars we ditched the boats and went swimming. We kayaked on the creek for two hours then I went home (and unfortunatley back to reality) to do some homework for this week and husband went back out in his boat with his father.

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