Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grandma Chic

After all my shopping over the weekend I see a new trend in footwear and I'll call it Grandma Chic. You have to admit that these kicks are now being rocked by not only our white headed seniors but also us youngsters. Only we aren't sporting these for comfort or because we have bunions, these summer selections are for fashion.

Some of these styles I love, own and would swear by until I'm dyeing the gray myself. Others, um, not so much. Let's discuss.

Top (Left to Right):
Worishofer Sandals - I saw these twice this weekend! Once at a small boutique that carried Marc Jacob and Orla Kelly so I was majorly surprised to see these on display, then at where else but Urban Outfitters. I kinda want the silver ones...
Bass Margie Sandal - I purchased these sandals this weekend at a Bass Outlet and also saw them at another retail location. Wait for it..... yes, UO again.
Dr Scholl's Original - These are my favorite. I have been playing these babies out since I could walk. Not really but you get my point. Sad thing is now with their popularity, home girl has to pay double what she used to! I can't handle that $50 price tag when I replace them every year.

Not So Much
Bottom (Left to Right):
Minnetonka Moccasins - I like moccasins, I do, but this shiny, tassely version does nothing for me.
Worishofer Sandals - Again just in a different MORE grandma-y version. When I look at these I can already smell the old lady wafting out of them.
Slip-ons - I have MAJOR problems with these shoes. First, these are what my grandma would call "house-shoes", like you don't go anywhere but your house and maybe if your stretchin' it the grocery store. Second, I totally wore these when I was little and not because they were cool. You wore them because that's what your mom bought you to wear in the summer and we were probably broke. SO if you can afford a decent pair of shoes then buy those instead and the slip-ons will just make your feet hurt anyways.

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