Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Or should I just shave it off

I have an appointment for a hair cut and possibily color tonight. I am so over boring hair styles. Having short hair can be completely lame, there are only so many ways you can style 1" length hair. I was attemping to grow my hair out to do cute things like all these awesome styles but I couldn't handle the grow-out process. So I gave up and got a trim. Now I have come to terms with that fact that I look good with short hair and my hair can't be long without looking skangly. Even though my hair will be short I have a couple styles I am debating.

This cut on Michelle Williams is a bit longer than I wanted, but the color is what I am thinking about. I am really considering going blonde. I'm not talking about doing highlights, I am talking full on bleach bottle blonde. I have asked some opinions, most come back with a no. But anyone that knows me understands that I will ask their opinion AND do what I want anyways. So I am still greatly considering the blonde. A pplus to blonde is it is an easy color to cover up. If I hate it I can easily go back to brown or hot pink!

I am all about this cut on Ginnifer Goodwin. I love the short pixie cut, messy and semi faux hawked. I think I will aim for this cut. But you know how it is, you take in a picture and nine times out of ten your hair looks nothing like the picture. It's okay, as long as the hair looks good on your head I guess. So we will just have to see what happens up on my head this evening. I can't wait because what I gots going on today is not cutting it.

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