Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love me some teen drama

I have been discussing movies lately trying to decide what to play for husband's birthday bash (on Saturday!) and I have found that I may be alone here, but I LOVE teen dramas. When we are talking about teen dramas there is allot of talk about the 80s classics like Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Better off Dead, but I am a fan of the teen dramas from the 1990s! Here is a rundown of some of the best cinematic teen drama awesomeness:

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead - 1990
Sue Ellen had it all, the most awesome job and a hot hotdog selling boy, minus the stoner brother. How cool was that fashion show they put on in her backyard! Too bad it was killed by that boner killer she worked with/ hotdog boy's sister.
My rating - B   Sue Ellen was kind of a whiner
Clueless - 1995
Ugh, as if! This movie was the shit! I saw this in the theater, with my grandma, when I was 11. We were rained out at the beach and had watched all the other "more appropriate" movies for a child of my age earlier in the rainy week. Well, I'm glad it happened because I have been playing this movie out ever since. Who didn't love Elton and rollin' with the homies? Oh Coolio, that's my jam! Oh and every girl has had fantasies of Cher's closet.....
My rating - A+    I still watch this movie anytime it's on
She's all That- 1999
Now that i'm thinking about it this movie was a bit annoying. All this ugly duckling business, all the girl did was take her glasses off and BAM she is beautiful. Now dorky glasses are in so there goes your storyline. Plus Freddie Prince Jr aka King of teen dramas was not that hot, he really didn't do anything for me.
My rating - C   over it.

Can't Hardly Wait - 1999
I remember loving this movie, but now I don't remeber why. Maybe Seth Greene, he was quite hilarious. Oh and Melissa Joan Hart with the yearbook. Oh and Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavage (look at it in the promo above. Just alittle ridiculous.)
My rating - B  because it was the bee's knees back in the day

Romeo And Juliet - 1996
Oh yes. This movie was completely awesome. As I was writing this post I had to stop and go dig through my highschool cd collection to find this soundtrack and it may or may not be on repeat. I loved the costume design for this movie, everything was crazy bright and the angel wings!?! I think 20,000 girls dressed up like Juliet/ Clare for Halloween '96.
My rating - A+ no questions
10 Things I hate about you - 1999
This movie had Heath Ledger AND Joseph Gordon Levitt (of 3rd Rock from the Sun fame. I also loved that show) so it was set on hawtness levels. My favorite part was when Julia Stiles was dancing to Biggie on the dining room table at the party then hit her head. Gansta rap + teen drama movie= perfection!
My rating - A    ABC family made a show after this movie. They knew it was that good.
Drive me Crazy - 1999
I was never about "fixing" a guy up to make him better, and lets face it Adrian Grenier was hot no matter what Sabrina the teenage witch did to him. Wait did I just morph two characters into one? Yes. Lets move on. When he slid down that monument at prom didn't your heart melt?!? Mine did. Grossest part of the movie, shuting it off KNOWING that the kids AND their parents were knockin' boots on prom night. We did not need that added "parent" storyline. Thankyouverymuch.  
My rating - B

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