Friday, June 17, 2011

The man's birthday

Today Jonathan turns 29! Happy Birthday Husband! In honor lets take a look at some of his coolness throughout the years....
He was, and sometimes still is a skater

He drove low rider trucks and apparently had a thing for machine guns. When he found this picture I died laughing. Look how skinny he is!

He raced dirt bikes.

He snowboards and kindly taught me how. Stratton, VT 2009

He likes beer, camping, creeks and being a badass.

Did I mention he likes beer?

This one is a little pathetic, but cute.

His birthday present two years ago!

Happy Birthday to my man! Party is tomorrow. Get ready for the most intense birthday cake ever. I have been slaving away at it all week. Another fun fact, Jonathan and his oldest sister share the same birthday, exactly ten years apart. She will be partying with us tomorrow too!


  1. i really like your blog! found it via 'easily dunn'. happy to be a new follower.


    p.s. happy belated birthday to your lovey. =)

  2. Hi Chrissy. Thank you and welcome!