Friday, June 3, 2011

OPERATION: Driveway Part 1

All there is to say is that it has been an interesting week at the Stets homestead. When we purchased our home it was because it had an incredible two car garage with a FROG (finished room over garage)! No more cleaning two feet of snow off in the winter, no more hail damage, and no more cold cars were the doors have frozen shut! We were stepping up in life, until we moved in and found out why it looked like no car had ever been parked in that garage. It was because you COULDN'T get a car into the garage. There was an awesome and original to the property rickety shed in the way. It never occurred to us that you wouldn't be able to maneuver a car between the two. So the shed had to go.

Jonathan demolished the shed acouple weeks ago but we were still left with the foundation.

The concrete shed floor was going to be a bit tricky to remove ourselves. We could always rent the equipment and Jonathan has the skills to use the equipment, but the cost and hassle seemed too much for us to handle. So we hired someone to come in, break up the concrete, take it up out our house and replace it with gravel. I could imagine the nightmare that it would have caused us if Jonathan tried to do this job himself. Thank you, Digger Bob. (that is totally his nickname)

After day one. The concrete foundation was broken up and ready to haul up outta here. Does everyone see the little dog that is IN the skid loader? Cutest thing ever. AND Pearl hates the machinery. Oh, and she hates Betty the skid loadin' dog. Remember this? Yeah, this is Betty who Pearl wanted to fight.

After day two. The concrete has been taken away and some top soil has been removed in preperation for our gravel that will be placed in front of the garage.

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