Friday, June 24, 2011

OPERATION: FROG (finished room over garage) Part 1

We have a deep dark secret and it is lurking in our garage. It is junk. Even Pearl is pissed about it, just look at that face! We aren't even sure how we accumulated this mass of crap, we lived in a tiny 3rd floor walk up apartment then upgraded to a whooping 1000 square foot row home. Where did it all come from? I have no idea but it is here and now we know have to deal with it.

When we purchased our new home we understood it came along with some challenges. It is a cape cod which means we wouldn't have an attic. This would have been a deal breaker if it didn't come along with a garage that may be bigger than the house itself. The garage is a spacious 2 car garage with a second story AND an attic, so it solved our potential storage problems. So when we moved into the home 90% of everything we owned was moved directly into the garage and we selectively welcomed some items into the new home. Everything else has been shafted up into the second story of the garage. That was nine months ago and now during my summer break I am finally dealing with my big problem. 

I have big dreams for the space. It will be multi-functional, a studio for me and my supply storage, a party room, Jonathan wants a bar, I want a large projector screen for movies and working out. So we need it to be functional for when I finally have time to break out my sewing machine again, but I also don't want the space to get cluttered with furniture so I have room for my dance parties (by myself or with others. I don't need a reason to dance.)

Here is what I am currently dealing with:
We have two sets of dining room chairs and that is not counting the set still in boxes that need painted and assembled. Plus our old dining room table and old kitchen table.

Jonathan also uses this space as over flow from the downstairs garage. He doesn't want his "man land" garage getting junky so he moves everything upstairs. That is going to have to change....

This will be my corner in the whole mess. This huge cabinet is where I plan to store all of my miscellaneous crafting supplies. Along with some wall space for a desk/ sewing area.

Our next step is collecting our unwanted items and selling them at the local flea market so lets keep our fingers crossed from good weather this weekend!

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