Monday, June 27, 2011

RC Heli madness

Jonathan flying his smallest RC helicopter

My husband is kind of a dork. I say this because he has a passion for RC helicopters and airplanes (mostly helis). He spends hours building them, fixing them and researching the best deals on new parts for them. His friends call each other for hours to talk about the status of their helicopters (yes, they all have multiple helicopters). They record their flying skills and send each other their latest videos.

Here comes the part where I'm a bad wife and say these helicopters annoy the shit out of me. If they brake they cost lots of money to fix. I can barely keep track of the thing while it's in air so that corkscrew you just did, I didn't see it and I probably won't see it when you do it the second time. I don't know how long a battery takes to charge nor do I know what a turnigy is (I just got that term off his ebay listing!). Sorry husband, but I guess everyone needs a hobby.

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