Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Shopping Adventures

This weekend my sister, mother and I took a quick trip to a little shopping village to spend some time together and get some retail therapy. The shopping center was probably one of the weirdest places ever. Bonus though was the inside carousel. There was even a wedding taking place in the yard and like 100 randomers stood around to watch the events. Yes, I was one of the 100. You want to know where the reception was? At a resturant called Cock 'N Bull. I have many problems with this.
1. Who would name a resturant Cock 'N Bull. I kept calling it the Cock and Balls. I mean wouldn't they have known that would happen.
2. So there is a resturant named Cock 'N Bull. Whatever. WHY would you have your wedding reception there? Of all places? You get gawked at by strangers and then eat and the Cock 'N Bull. The cock and bull should be saved for later in the evening.... if you know what I'm saying.
3. My mother wanted to eat at this resturant becuase she had a coupon. I went. I make dreams happen that's why.
During the day at the shops they were having an art/ craft show of sorts. I picked up this tiny and extremely cute painting. I love it big time.

On Sunday our group headed over to King of Prussia mall and now I'm broke. End of story.

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