Thursday, July 14, 2011

My camper dreams and the longest post I have ever written

I am currently spending any free time I have searching for a camper. A cute little camper that can be towed by Jonathan’s little truck. This task is harder than you would think. There are not that many cute little campers around because we live in America where everything is big and monstrous. I don’t need a bathroom in it, or a flat screen tv. We just need a bed and a refrigerator, but even that last thing isn’t a necessity because I can buy a cooler.

This camper obsession is new. I can tell you the story of how I came to realize that the Stetsonator’s needed a camper of their own. First of all, I have been thinking about taking a quick summer trip somewhere and I want it to be cheap. Really, nothing is cheap enough for me, maybe because I'm stingy I don't know. I just don't feel like spending $600 on a hotel for three or four days at a stupid crowded beach or waste a whole day traveling to go somewhere cooler. While I was investigating quick trip locations I would find camp site rentals. You can get a hotel room for $135 a night or rental a camp site for $45. Hello, I can handle that $45! There are bathrooms you can use and you just bring along your own little air conditioned room. That sounds perfect to me. At this point I hadn’t shared my “cheap vacation theory” with Jonathan because if I shared EVERY little idea I have with him he may rethink this whole marriage situation because I would never shut up.

Now I also have been thinking about our great getaway celebration next summer. (I graduate, Jono turns 30 and our 5th year anniversary equals BIG vacation for us!) We have been throwing around some ideas of where to go next summer but we hadn't really felt passionate about any of the random trips we tossed around. Then our family started coming home from their vacations and we sat through the slide shows of the Grand Canyon and the cheese capital of the US and old faithful. Road trips, national parks, wild animals and crazy rock formations, I’m in. I had my next big plan and that was a road trip across America. Again I kept this to myself. I have to come prepared with an awesome plan to really get Jonathan hyped up into my plans, normally I just do what I want but I have been talking up a great celebration trip and I want him to be just as excited.

Here is why I was a little tentative about pitching a long road trip to Jonathan. I have always wanted to drive across the counrty and have shared this with the man multiple times and his response always "Yeah, maybe on the motorcycle." So that means no Becky on that road trip because he doesn't like me riding on the motorcycle, which is fine because I don't think it’s a good time anyways. I have my FIL to thank for the killing of my road trip dreams because he has driven a big loop across America on his motorcycle and last year he drove to Alaska so Jonathan wants to do the same. Blah blah blah.

So after I see these crazy pictures from Jonathan's mom (she traveled throughout Colorado) and his sister (road trip to Yellowstone) I desperately want to road trip it next summer. Now here comes the part where I don’t want to spend any money while doing this road trip. I was talking with my sister in law about the price of their two week excursion, it was reasonable don’t get me wrong, but I thought of a way to make it cheaper for us. Camping along the way and not staying in hotels. The hotels are usually the main expense of a trip. I could knock those prices in half by staying in camp grounds instead of hotels. I’m so brilliant sometimes I amaze myself!

I finally shared this all with my husband and his response is “It has always been my dream to travel across the country in a little camper. I never thought you would ever want to do this. I know exactly what camper I want and I will drive you past it tonight.” Even after years of knowing someone you can always learn something new about them. So now the hunt for the perfect little camper begins. We did drive out to the camper Jonathan has been lusting over since he was a gangly pre-teen and the owners are apparently hoarders and could “never dream of selling” our dream camper that sits under a decade’s worth of weeds. Oh well, so the hunt continues.


  1. I totally understand where you're coming from! All I want in life is a little vintage airstream flying cloud. Just small enough to tote along on road trips and skip the hotels and motels. Everything is so fancy here in the states. Sadface. Good luck in your search!
    -Allison Kaye

  2. We are in the same boat! We are looking for a trailer and it is TOUGH. Have you ever looked into tear drop trailers?

    Kelsey from

  3. We found one this weekend. A Serro Scotty. It's too cute!