Friday, July 8, 2011

OPERATION: Closet Part 1 and other stuff

What did I do last night? Glad you asked. Along with some mundane domestic goddess duties (like vacuuming) I started to paint the trim in our bedroom. Last week I was posting about reasons I love summer and last night while I was doing my chores I decided on a reason summer can go suck it. The reason is spiders. I have spiders every where. I have to vacuum all the time to free my house of their cobwebs. They aren't scary looking spiders, just small little skinny ones (thank you spiders for not being big fat hairy spiders) but they are still super annoying. My Dyson is like one large spider coffin right now. Maybe the spiders didn't die when I sucked them up and they will multiply and grow to attack me when I dump out the vacuum. I need to remember to have Jonathan empty out the vacuum canister tonight....

Anyways, the reason I was painting is because we had a dresser built into our closet and the existing trim is a faint cream but now with the dresser getting painted gloss white the other trim just looks dull and dirty. Here is the bedroom before all of the construction began.

This whole wall shown was the closet. Only problem was past the doors to the left were shelves, but once you hung up all your clothing it was a huge pain to get anything off those shelves.

Inside the closet minus the shelves.

The beginning of the work. This is where the built in unit will go.

 We totally paid someone to build the dresser for us. Maybe husband could have done it and maybe it would have been cheaper that way, but you know what I wanted it done. Sometimes projects can get stretched out when we do these things ourselves and I am over having these never ending projects. I could give you a long list of "in limbo" projects throughout our house but I'm going to spare you.

Here is the NEW view inside the closet with the built in.
Now the painting begins. Husband is quite particular when it comes to painting and his painting equipment. To me it's a paint brush, nothing special, you can buy them every day, who cares? Jonathan cares that's who. I'm pretty sure I had a 15 minute training session before I was allowed to touch his paint brush. After I was done painting I washed the brush out and dried it off and put it back in it's special little box. I thought I did it perfect! Plus I actually DID what he asked me to do which is a huge step in me becoming a better person because my instinct was to just rinse it off and leave it in the sink. Point one for Becky. I'm hoping the bedroom will be finished after the weekend, but that's probably not going to happen.

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