Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pearl my white dog

I have heard some not so nice things about my Pearl girl. "A face only a mother could love." How rude! All dogs are cute. I can't even remember the last time I thought a dog was truly ugly and I don't think there ever was a time that I didn't want to pet a dog I've come in contact with. Every time I see a dog in public I have to hold myself back from going over to smoother it with my love. I do hold back because I don't want some random dog ripping my face off, it's the one thing I have going for me.

Anyways, we are not quite sure what breed mix Pearl is and my friend Cami once described her as a "white dog" and that has stuck. Plus it's a better description than mutt. So now I answer the question "What kind of dog IS she??" I simply reply "a white dog". That usually keeps them moving so I don't have to hear the next question which is usually "Does her face always look like that?".

And to answer that question, yes that's just how her face looks.


  1. but i like how her face looks.


  2. Um, Pearl is "THE" white dog, lol. How can you not love her? Full of personality. Don't fret, people have told me Henry is ugly. And by people, I mean assholes.