Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Philly day one

Friday, the day of the wedding, we took of work and ventured downtown Philadelphia to enjoy the day off. By the time we arrived in the city we were starving so we went to Reading Terminal Market because all we could think of was food. That place has food, lots and lots of food. We were too hungry and too impatient to look at all the vendors and migrated to a deli. We got a reuben and rachel that probably weighed a pound each, they were huge and the pictures don't do them justice. Oh and they were awesome. We bought some other snacks for the day and headed out around the neighborhood. We didn't have much time before we wanted to get checked into the hotel but it was a beautiful day to take a leisurely walk around the city.

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  1. You see that chocolate rat above the Mike Tyson chocolate ear? The diner on the Carlisle Pike sells them! Jon ordered one once and we both almost puked, it was the most god awful chocolate rat ever.