Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Randoms from the weekend

We attended a nine year old's birthday party and we played like we were nine again. When did these pre-teens start getting awesome presents?! A new digital camera and a MP3 player. Sheesh. I'm pretty sure I got a new Barbie for my ninth birthday. After the party we walked over to Dickinson College campus for some bluegrass on the grass, a free concert and townie reunion. Pretty sure I saw every Carlilian ever. Then Sunday I traveled to Maryland to a baby shower for one of my bffs.

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  1. hehe this makes me want to go play on the swings!

    oh man, you're going to yosemite next summer? you'll love it :) there is a mountaineering school there.. that's how i found the guide i climbed with. my bf actually set it up, but i believe that if you go to the yosemite website you can find info about the mountaineering school. they have both lessons and guided climbs.. we took a lesson since my bf had never climbed before and it was great.. just 3 people in our class. ah, i wish i could go back right now and do it again :)