Monday, July 11, 2011

These are more important

I was about to post pictures of my weekend, but something magical happened this weekend that overrides all the awesome pictures of my face at picnics. These beautiful shoes were delivered to my crib piece. I have been stalking them for months now (proof is here) and they finally were discounted enough for my wallet. Funny thing was when these sandals were discounted the first time my size was no longer available. I was a little heart broken but they are being sold on multiple sites so I didn't sweat it. Then I got an email about farther discounts on their clearance, so I checked on them just in case. Well, the shoe goddess (because there wouldn't be a shoe god because men don't understand the whole shoe deal, am I right?) was looking down on me that day because, bam. my size. in stock. I will be living in these for the remainder of the summer. Thank you to the shoe goddesses.

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