Wednesday, August 31, 2011

While on the topic of photo booths

While on the topic of photo booths. Jono's cousin had one at the wedding we went to the other weekend. They are awesomely lame so I thought I would share. I was the party pooper and banded the hats and crazy sunglasses from my shots because I was "too cool" as Jonathan said. Whatver!

2011 edition is here!

Earlier this month I shared our annual summer tradition of photo booth strips to celebrate our anniversary. Last Friday we found a booth and took our 2011 strip! Yippee Skippee! Total awesomeness right here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday night date night

Since the husband and I had yet to celebrate our anniversary, we claimed Friday night as our anniversary date night. We went to Knoebels amusement park which is a cute little park that is pay as you ride and they also do a discounted Friday night rate of $9 for all you can ride. Who can pass up a steal like that? 

One of the most exciting rides from the night was the tram! It was defiantly home made aaaand a little sketchy.

Learn my lesson DO NOT ride Wipeout directly after eating. This ride does not mess around.

And a bonus of the trip, we found a photobooth! I was getting stressed about how to get our yearly photo shoot accomplished but Knoebels came to the rescue!

Check out Knoebels if you can! It is a fun and cheap mini vacation. If you have kids, then go for sure. Oh and another plus to this place is they allow dogs. Totally random. I was wondering why you would bring a dog to an amusement park because who is going to watch it when you go on rides?!? My guess is if you are bringing a dog you have a mom somewhere with you who doesn't ride rides and will hold on to your pup while you have fun. She would probably let you keep your sunglasses in her fanny pack also. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on Irene

Central Pennsylvania wasn't hit very hard by hurricane Irene, the predictions were way worse. Our maple tree took a beating in the wind but thankfully it fell away from our house. I watched some videos of the storm raging in NYC and flooding was intense. Hopefully everyone made it through the storm fairly uneffected!

As for my weekend to do list, I cleaned some, organized my closet, painted my nails, watched a ton of True Blood and updated my computer. I'd say it was a successful boring weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another boring weekend ahead and I like it

Oh man this week has been dragging. I am looking forward to a SECOND boring weekend in a row! If the weather cooperates then we might have an activity planned for tonight, other than that nothing big is going on. It is predicted that the east coast is going to get some awesome storms courtesy hurricane Irene so I am thinking about some indoor activities I can do during the rainy weekend.

1. Catch up on True Blood - we've only watched the first episode when we were dog sitting months ago and I am totally missing out.
2. Paint my nails - I thinking about a really intense design like this leopard-print style or more fitting with number one True Blood nails!
3. Organize my closet - my closet is really the extra bedroom and hopefully my cousin will be coming to visit next week and the sista needs a place to sleep!
4. Whole house scrub down - if I have the time I would love to do a deep cleaning of the crib BUT that also takes energy.
5. Read my books - of course all the books I've requested for months came in all at the same time. I gots two weeks to read the four books. Can it be done? Who knows! Speaking of books, is anyone on Goodreads? I have an account so find and friends me to share book reviews!
6. Bake - because who isn't crazing some banana bread? Anyone?
7. Computer 411 - I have a lovely friend who is willing to help me with my computer issues and hopefully this will happen since I've been blowing it off for months.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I blog about skirts and a trip to the library!

Jealous of my library tote much??

Waiting on the public library steps waiting for me.

Pearl was a circus dog in her past life! Not really but she SHOULD have been.

The weather has been awesome! Well, awesome minus the mini earthquake we had on the east coast. The family took advantage of the beautiful weather the other night after work with a walk around town and for me a stop at the library. I'm wearing my usual work uniform of a skirt, top, jean jacket and colorful accessory. It's not too exciting but I feel like I am one of the snazziest dressers in the place. Actually it's confirmed, I took a poll.

Here we go:
Skirt number four: plaid/ floral skirt 
Reason I love it: the fabric crinkles nicely when washed so I don't have to iron it!
Reason one why I love skirts: they hide my thighs. I'm not the only girl around who has an issue with their thighs right??

Top: Gap
Bracelet: The Limited
Belt: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Flats: Target

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scotty the camper's Restoration

When we bought our little camper we thought is was in fabulous condition and it is considering it is forty five years old. Now that it has been in our driveway for a couple weeks and Jonathan took the time to really look things over there are some issues we, well really HE has to work on before we take it on the road. I have been working on this post forever and it appears that the list has finally stopped growing so I can finally post the 99.9% complete list of to do's for the Scotty.

 1. Level, clean and secure the refrigerator. The refrigerator is not original to the trailer, there was probably only an ice box in it when new, so we need to fix it up because the current set up is a little sketchy.

2. Replace the hitch. The camper is 45 years old and so is the hitch. To be safe we want to replace it so we don't lose the trailer when driving down a road.

3. Propane situation. The mounting set up needs to be repaired due to modifications done to it over the years. Also the whole propane line and regulator needs to be looked at and possibly redone. 

4. Once the prior two repairs are made, we want to repaint the whole tongue with rust proof paint.

5. Repair the license plate holder. Jonathan said legally you are to have a light illuminating your license plate. The Scotty's isn't working and the light bulb is rusted into the holder so that is looking to be a whole refurb project.

6. Repair driving lights. Again some might be as easy as replacing bulbs but some may need rewired or replaced. 

7. Replace the window cranks. Most of the windows only open if you start by pushing them out yourself. This also means that they don't stay tightly closed when driving. The little window cranks need replaced on all the windows.

8. New Curtains. Jonathan says this is the "last of our worries" but it is something I can easily do so I will be making new curtains! Also we need new curtains rods because currently the rods are being held up not successfully by screws.

9. Air conditioning. Of course the A/C is a recent addition to the camper. The previous owner installed the air unit in the storage area under the pull out bed. The mounting needs tweaked and we also need to make a vent, fan and drain for the unit.

10. Replace the bed. I can say that it needs replaced because it is only the width of the bench and the bed area can be increased when you pull it out, but I also want it replaced because it's gross. Once we order a new bed I will be covering it with my fabric from MOOD!

11. Replace the bench cushions. They are old and smell. I will also be making covers for these new cushions.

12. Inspect and clean up 120V wiring. There are wires everywhere and who knows how up to date the stuff is! Jonathan is going to rewire and fix anything electrical in the camper.

13. New lighting. Really? The camper is so cute then you throw up these? They are coming down and we will be getting some cute retro light fixtures.

14. Inspect wheel bearings, axle, lug nuts, studs and drop floor. All of these I assume are very important.

We have a lot of work to do before we take our Scotty on the open road. I'll keep you updated on the process!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Morning from Pearl

Our bathroom is on the first floor of our house. While I am going ready in the morning, Pearl waits for me  at the top of the stairs. Every morning she's there. It's super cute. Don't worry, she gets some love when I pass her on the landing.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I discovered pinterest last week. Follow me!

Randoms from the weekend

capitol building, Harrisburg PA

Wedding reception fun 

That Girl in ABC in Harrisburg PA

After a summer of constantly being on the go, it was crazy to have such a boring weekend. Our Friday night was supposed to be our anniversary date night, but Jonathan had to work late so that didn't happen. Sad face. Saturday Jonathan's cousin was married at the state capitol building in Harrisburg which was an awesome location. After the wedding we went to ABC brewery in Harrisburg to see our friend's new band That Girl. Then a Sunday of cleaning and no showers. Which is kinda the best way to spend a Sunday.
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A yearly tradition

(from left to right - summer 2007,  summer 2008,  summer 2009 and  summer 2010)

On our honeymoon in 2007 we marked the occasion with a major amount of photo booth photo shoots. We needed something to do on our rain filled, low budget beach honeymoon. The beach in the rain is quite lame. That kinda rhymes and I like that! Every summer since then we have continued to collect a photo strip as a way to mark our anniversary. I'm on a mission to keep these coming every summer, so I have to find a booth that is closer than the beach we usually go to because we had to skip that trip this year. Bummer! 

I just have one thought from these pictures, I have to come up with a better face for the last frame because the open mouth one has been done. It is NOT attractive! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

4 year mark

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my wedding on 8.18.2007

Four years ago I said "I do". I would do it all over again. I would just get a different and more fabulous dress. Tea length dresses were so hard to find four years ago! Now they are every where. I will take the credit for starting the fad, thankyouverymuch. 

Pictures were taken by the awesome duo Carina and Amanda of Love me do Photography.