Friday, August 26, 2011

Another boring weekend ahead and I like it

Oh man this week has been dragging. I am looking forward to a SECOND boring weekend in a row! If the weather cooperates then we might have an activity planned for tonight, other than that nothing big is going on. It is predicted that the east coast is going to get some awesome storms courtesy hurricane Irene so I am thinking about some indoor activities I can do during the rainy weekend.

1. Catch up on True Blood - we've only watched the first episode when we were dog sitting months ago and I am totally missing out.
2. Paint my nails - I thinking about a really intense design like this leopard-print style or more fitting with number one True Blood nails!
3. Organize my closet - my closet is really the extra bedroom and hopefully my cousin will be coming to visit next week and the sista needs a place to sleep!
4. Whole house scrub down - if I have the time I would love to do a deep cleaning of the crib BUT that also takes energy.
5. Read my books - of course all the books I've requested for months came in all at the same time. I gots two weeks to read the four books. Can it be done? Who knows! Speaking of books, is anyone on Goodreads? I have an account so find and friends me to share book reviews!
6. Bake - because who isn't crazing some banana bread? Anyone?
7. Computer 411 - I have a lovely friend who is willing to help me with my computer issues and hopefully this will happen since I've been blowing it off for months.

Have a good weekend!

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