Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cabin Wives of Raystown Lake

 Camping is serious business. I haven't for real camped since the girl scouts when we had to smoke our dinner over an open fire. That wasn't very smart on the leaders part because themselves and a gangly group of thirteen years old didn't get to eat until 8pm. Guess what after you just lost your favorite lipsmacker somewhere in the mountains in Pennsylvania, cooking your own food over a fire is the last thing you are going to put effort into. Thankfully someone was thinking and packed peanut butter and jelly.

Anyways, this weekend was a good preview of the Stets's camping future. Included in that future are public bathhouses. Which I'm fine with that because it's better than peeing outside, most of the time. I am a fan of peeing out side but there could be a skunk stalking your grilled goodies in the woods next to your campsite and meeting him with your pants down could be scary. True story. The part about a skunk in the woods not the part about meeting him while I'm peeing.

This weekend proved that camping with family/friends is great fun and that I would probably not make it on a camping adventure without my man. Yes I can drive, cook, clean and start a fire but like the men proved this weekend, why do it if we don't have to? I'm not sure how the discussion of our should be reality show "Cabin Wives of Raystown Lake" started but it lasted the entire weekend. Here are some of the fabulous things the ladies did over the weekend to prove that we should have had a camera crew with us 24/7 this weekend.

1. Relaxed on the porch. (This isn't a very exciting part of the show. I'm picturing this to be the opener.)

2. Soaking up some rays rain at the lake. Tanning shots are so important to all reality shows!

3. Boating aka the "work out" scenes for the show.

4. Jumping off cliffs! I still can't believe I did that.

5. Camp fire and sing along.

6. Hiking and exploring.

7. Having the men cook for us.

8. Enjoying the view. 

So as you can see the women had it made this weekend. AND Bravo missed out on the highest ratings they would have ever had.

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