Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fashion guest post!

Today one of my BFFs is gracing us with her presence while I am on a mini vacation escaping a not so pleasant week. The one and only Cami (or Scami as I like to call her). Once upon a time Cami had a blog that was quite amazing but she was over it in 2.5 seconds so I welcomed her to stop over here when ever she pleases. I'm sure you will get sick of seeing her face in these parts soon.

Every now and again, I like to go off the deep end and add a little pizazz to my standard outfit.  While I do love fashion, I often play it “safe”.  To me, going off the deep end involves a splash of color or an unusual accessory.
On Friday – given the type of event Becky found for us to attend (a burlesque show…holla) I decided wearing a see through shirt would be perfectly acceptable.  Therefore, that’s exactly what I did. 

                Top:  Madewell Kite Tails Tee in neutral
                Shorts:  GAP draped pleated silk shorts in black
                Sandals:  Forever21 in black (zero support in those puppies, for limited walking only!)
                Purse:  Banana Republic throwback
                Bangles:  JCrew
                Watch:  Michael Kors (recently found after a 6 month hiatus….so glad to have it back)
My original thought was to wear a black push up bra underneath, but we went out to dinner at 5:45pm; I am not trying to show off the goods (or lack thereof) to the senior citizen crowd.  Instead, I wore a shelf-bra I purchased from GapBody that is bright orange.  POP of color, yes!  After our experience at the show on Friday night, I realize I should have rocked that shirt with tassels only underneath.  Next time!


  1. Thanks for the love (I'm sure you'll get sick of seeing her face.......!) haha. Have a great mini vaca, your blogger fans can't wait for a recap on Monday!

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