Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday night date night

Since the husband and I had yet to celebrate our anniversary, we claimed Friday night as our anniversary date night. We went to Knoebels amusement park which is a cute little park that is pay as you ride and they also do a discounted Friday night rate of $9 for all you can ride. Who can pass up a steal like that? 

One of the most exciting rides from the night was the tram! It was defiantly home made aaaand a little sketchy.

Learn my lesson DO NOT ride Wipeout directly after eating. This ride does not mess around.

And a bonus of the trip, we found a photobooth! I was getting stressed about how to get our yearly photo shoot accomplished but Knoebels came to the rescue!

Check out Knoebels if you can! It is a fun and cheap mini vacation. If you have kids, then go for sure. Oh and another plus to this place is they allow dogs. Totally random. I was wondering why you would bring a dog to an amusement park because who is going to watch it when you go on rides?!? My guess is if you are bringing a dog you have a mom somewhere with you who doesn't ride rides and will hold on to your pup while you have fun. She would probably let you keep your sunglasses in her fanny pack also. 

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