Thursday, August 25, 2011

I blog about skirts and a trip to the library!

Jealous of my library tote much??

Waiting on the public library steps waiting for me.

Pearl was a circus dog in her past life! Not really but she SHOULD have been.

The weather has been awesome! Well, awesome minus the mini earthquake we had on the east coast. The family took advantage of the beautiful weather the other night after work with a walk around town and for me a stop at the library. I'm wearing my usual work uniform of a skirt, top, jean jacket and colorful accessory. It's not too exciting but I feel like I am one of the snazziest dressers in the place. Actually it's confirmed, I took a poll.

Here we go:
Skirt number four: plaid/ floral skirt 
Reason I love it: the fabric crinkles nicely when washed so I don't have to iron it!
Reason one why I love skirts: they hide my thighs. I'm not the only girl around who has an issue with their thighs right??

Top: Gap
Bracelet: The Limited
Belt: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Flats: Target

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  1. Love your outfit!! Perfect for the library :) You and I have very similar blog names!

    Belly B :)