Friday, August 12, 2011

I blog abut skirts yet again

While I'm on another mini-vacation to New York I will share with you another member of my beloved skirt family. I'm pretty sure this was my first purchase from Anthropologie and it is old. How old? I don't know, but it is lovely and I love it. I wore it around town the other week and it had me dancing in the streets. For real. People stared. I think because they were jealous of my awesomeness. Oh, I almost forgot one of the waitresses from the resturant we were at said she was going to head straight home to dive into her closet in attempts to mimic my outfit. So yes, that comfirms my awesomeness and my status as a Pennsylvania style icon. I don't think the latter is that difficult but it is an accomplishment I will add to my resume. 

Here we go:
Skirt number three: a blue printed circle skirt
Reason I love it: The printed ribbon detail at the hem of the lining. It's the attention to details, that's why I love Anthropologie, BUT that's a whole different subject!
Reason one why I love skirts: In a skirt you feel instantly feminine. At least I do and que the dancing.

Top: Old Navy
Necklace: Vinatge from my Grandma
Skirt: Anthropologie
Wedges: Sofft

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