Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My time in Queens

So Queens, well we had a love/ hate relationship. We chose to stay in Queens because it is a hell of a lot cheaper than staying in Manhattan and the SIL's clients were in Queens so we would be close to them and the event venue. (Sarah is a talented florist and is doing a wedding in a few weeks in Queens.) I drive to New York all the time no big deal, but once we came out of the tunnel in Queens I was annoyed. The intersections were all crazy, like six streets all crossing under a bridge. Then some big cemetery I had to drive around, THEN the train tracks that you have to maneuver around. No thank you. I like the grid pattern in Manhattan. We check into the hotel get to the train station and there are no Manhattan bound trains. Annoyed again. Later that night we are to meet Sarah's clients at a restaurant in Queens. Guess what! It's closed. Kinda annoyed some more. ( that's when we had our photo shoot by the pile of busted tvs on the sidewalk). The dinner went great (once it moved locations) and the venue Studio Square is awesome! I can't wait to help set up the flowers for the wedding! Next day we plan to go to the Goodwill Outlet in Queens. My phone and the hotel staff said it was a short walk away. Our internal compasses were off that day and we walked forever. In circles. Once we got there we realized we should have drove over because there were a bajillion open spots out front and when you take a cab back to the hotel it too will get lost. Super annoying. We scored some awesome deals at the Goodwill though. Then we got out of Queens. While some other boroughs are my friend Queens wanted to eat me alive. Other than the wedding I will be assisting with in a couple weeks I will avoid Queens for life because it hates me. sad business.

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