Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Friday night fun

Friday night was a busy one. Directly after my 8 to 5 I met up with some ex- coworkers to grab some food. We went to a new resturant in Harrisburg called Home 231. It was a great place, the menu items are modern takes on home cooking. Since we were so charming the waitress gave us coupons to come back and next time I will have to bring the husband because he "never gets to go anywhere cool". Don't be too sad for him because he goes to lots of awesome places.

Like where we met up right after my dinner date! Other friends and two of our husbands met up with us a few blocks over at the Stage on Herr in the 'burg were we enjoyed a night of drinking and the entertainment of The Pretty Little Things Peepshow. Cami may or may not have been a little flash photography happy. The show was all I could talk about at breakfast the next morning. Jonathan and I went for breakfast, so right there is another cool thing he gets to do. Go to breakfast with me. That is probably the single most coolest thing in the world. So he needs to cool his tool.

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