Monday, August 8, 2011

Randoms from my mini-vacation

This weekend the husband, sister-in-law plus family and cousin-in-law plus family and I had a miniature vacation at Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania. This huge lake is only 2 hours from our house and for some reason we had never been so we booked a cabin and set the date. These plans were made before the Scotty came into the picture so we were cabinin' it up. This place is the perfect quick getaway. It's close, it has a body of water to chillax in, and has tons of trails to hike all along the lake. It's looking like we may become regulars. Maybe because we already have another plan in the works! It was so relaxing and the poor cell phone service was a blessing. Last week was stressful and quite depressing so I was very looking forward to the getaway.
The weather wasn't the best, we were fighting rain the whole stay, but we didn't let that spoil our fun. Now I'm on beer and marshmallow detox and back to reality. Sadly. I'll share more details of the trip this week while I am gearing up for another little trip to NYC on Thursday and Friday.

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  1. that 'no ski' sign made me lol!