Monday, August 1, 2011

Randoms from the weekend

Oh hey summer, you're flying by pretty quick. Knock it off.
This weekend was filled with awesomeness. I had a dinner date with some ex-workers on Friday then we skipped across town for some entertainment. More on that later. Saturday I fulifilled my twenty year long dream of seeing New Kids on the Block live. Yes, you read that correctly. This girl went to the NKOTB-BSB concert at Hershey, PA on Saturday night. I'm not a fan of the Backstreet Boys but I suffered through that for the New Kids. I have never stoped loving NKOTB, even though all my phases in life. I have never given up on their lame pop music. I took my love affair for them pretty far my senior year of high school when my quote in the yearbook contained NKOTB4EVA. That's right, I went there. It was 2002 people! What was wrong with me? Or rather what IS wrong with me? Anyways, the concert was hilariously great and I sang along to "Covergirl" at the top of my lungs and got some looks of jealously over my vintage concert tee. While I was busy rocking out Husband was creating his pond magic. Landscaping was on my '2012 shit to do once I graduate' list, but Jonathan has claimed the right side of the house for his pond so that will be less work for me next summer. I can handle that.

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  1. nkotb still got it... 'the right stuff'. {try to get that awesomeness outta yer head, i dare ya!} =) so jealous!