Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 'S' trifecta

The last of the Raystown Lake pictures. Husband wasn't getting enough play in the last posts so here are the Stets' ONLY shots from the weekend. Included is our lunch from a sketchy drive up diner (I was lured in by the promise of ice cream!), cliff shots, camp fire time, lake time, and some nature walks. Not included in the pictures are what we termed on the trip the 'S' trifecta, which is a weekend full of spiders, skunks and snakes! The cabin had tons of spiders, there was a resident camp ground skunk and I almost stepped on a snake on our nature hike. The first two I dealt with fine but the snake was too much. I never thought I would be afraid of a snake until well it slithers one way and I high kick the other way. I think it was more of the surprise of his appearance and not just the snake. I'm going to keep telling myself that and just go along with it. Thank you. 

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