Friday, August 19, 2011

A yearly tradition

(from left to right - summer 2007,  summer 2008,  summer 2009 and  summer 2010)

On our honeymoon in 2007 we marked the occasion with a major amount of photo booth photo shoots. We needed something to do on our rain filled, low budget beach honeymoon. The beach in the rain is quite lame. That kinda rhymes and I like that! Every summer since then we have continued to collect a photo strip as a way to mark our anniversary. I'm on a mission to keep these coming every summer, so I have to find a booth that is closer than the beach we usually go to because we had to skip that trip this year. Bummer! 

I just have one thought from these pictures, I have to come up with a better face for the last frame because the open mouth one has been done. It is NOT attractive! 

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