Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The bathroom also known as the only finished room in my house

This post is just as winded as the post, you were warned.
We have lived in our house for a year now and we have started numerous projects, but the bathroom seems to be the only fully done project this year. When we purchased our home we did not move in right away, we stayed in our temporary "free" rental and completely gutted and remodeled the bathroom. It was a crazy. Summer 2010 was spent living out of a trailer but spending any free time in our new cape cod painting, tiling and beautifying.


These before shots were taken before we moved in. I had really intense before shots but they unfortunately were deleted during the "great camera melt down of summer 2010". I'm glad you guys didn't have to live through that with me because it was UGLY. All my vacation pictures plus house pictures were gone! Ugh! That's another story.
Main points for you to notice are the soffit that was on the back and right side of the ceiling. It was 12" below the main ceiling height and it made the room seem so small. Also notice the lack of natural light. The back wall is an exterior wall so the no window thing had to change. Well, realy everything had to change!


Jonathan's skills are amazing. He did everything in this bathroom and beyond. He replumed the entire house, installed a window, installed the tub, tiled the walls and floor, dry wall work, paint and assembled an Ikea sink. What should we be more impressed by, all the handywork or assembling a piece of Ikea furniture? That is for you to answer.
We closed on the house on July 1, 2010 and moved in with a completed bathroom the weekend of August 14-15, 2010. All that in a month and a half is super awesome. Plus he has a day job people!

What a difference. I'm still amazed when I look at the before and after pictures. It took time for the transformation to sink in because I never used the previous space. I could never live with that dark bathroom. Now we rarely even turn on a light when we go in there. If you hadn't noticed the lowered ceiling had been removed. We were super nervous when we started the project that the soffit was there covering an air vent or something else major, but it was all because of that little part of the ceiling above the shower head that is angled. That angled part is due to the steps and looks so much better than lowering half of the ceiling.

Of course the window and tile are my favorite things about the remodel. The window was found at Second Chance, which is a architectural salvage warehouse in Baltimore, MD. The plan for the bathroom was started before we moved in. The window was the first item purchased and we based the colors and style around the piece. We special ordered the colored glass tile to match the colors of the window and the glass border is centered and runs through the middle of the window. The window is hinged at the top so it can be opened to let fresh air in. We couldn't use a conventional shower curtail rod, well we didn't want to because of the tile so I bought a regular curtain rod. We solve problems here creatively. 

Along with the fancy glass tiles we used white subway tile for the rest of the shower stall. Jonathan cut out some of the wall to make a built in cubby for shower supplies. My idea, thank you. The bathtub is not original to the house. What was there was an all in one shower surround in beige. We really didn't want to buy a brand new tub mainly due to cost and they are so boring. In our last bathroom remodel (see pictures of our first home here) we salvaged a cast iron bathtub from Jonathan's grandfather's bathroom remodel. We really wanted that tub again. Luckily Jonathan's cousin bought an old farm house completely gutted the entire thing and was selling the parts. We scored a old in good condition cast iron tub again for this house.

The floor tile was ordered the same time and place as the glass tile. I've loved these hexagon porcelian tiles forever and I was very excited to finally use them in a space of my own. We wanted black and whte but we didn't want to get carried away with a busy floor so we chose to do a black border and I think it came out perfect. 

Here is the Ikea sink and cabinet. The sink is huge but pretty shallow. I like the simple design and the dark wood. 

Surprisinglly this little cabinet has tons of storage. I went from having a walk in closet in my bathroom so storage was one thing I was majorly concerned about in this house/ bathroom.

My storage baskets are old gym locker baskets I picked up somewhere.

You do need some art in the bathroom. My friend Amanda is a ceramics professional specializing in tiles. She made this piece when she was in college and I bought it off her to support her move across the country.

Lastly, we used an old coat rack we've been hanging onto for our towel rack. The whole remodel was time consuming but I am so proud of the finished project.


  1. looks awesome! I love the green walls.

  2. Thanks! I love that color. I want to find green towels to match!