Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I blog about skirts and I crash weddings

Over the holiday weekend I worked. I wasn't slaving away at my normal 8 to 5 but I was an assistant to my crazy talented florist sister in law. She had a wedding in Queens and asked for my help in setting up and navigating the city streets. The wedding was why we were in Queens a few weeks ago and why I had to return even though Queens and I didn't get along last time. We didn't attend the wedding but the sister in law and I wanted to stop by the reception and see the happy couple before cleaning up the center pieces. We arrived a half hour before the end of the event, talked to the couple, grabbed a drink and mingled a little. Then I started getting the stink eye from across the room. A couple of people were obviously talking about us. They were looking right at us and when we looked over they never averted their glaze. Hmmmmm. A bit uncomfortable. Then one of the group members came over to have a talk with me, "I love your skirt. Where did you get it? Oh and do you know the groom?" There it was. The stink eyes were because they thought we were crashing the wedding! Ha! A skirt is the best thing to wear when crashing a wedding so they have something to complement before kicking you out.
Don't worry we didn't get kicked out.

Here we go with my wedding crashing attire:
Skirt number five: black pencil skirt
Reason I love it: I think this is my first pencil skirt. Ever. I didn't realize what I was missing. 
Reason one why I love skirts: They make you feel fancy even if you just spent 4 hours riding in a van.

Botton down: Jcrew
Tank: JcrewNecklace: Jcrew
Belt: Target
Flats: Target

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